Minneapolis show! 

Hey all,
I have a show on March 13th W/Shannon Curfman.
its probably the only show this year there.
come on out and have some fun!


Vid clips/videos 

Hey all!

Here is a quick vid clip from one of the previous shows with The Shannon Curfman Band.

I have more videos to sort through from all the previous shows as well.................
This is shot from my perspective.
Maybe a Go Pro cam in the future..............???
We have been having a lot of fun and meeting some great people in the process.
I'll have more show updates as they become available.
Thank you for all the support!
See ya soon.............

Summer is here! 

Hey Guys,
Things are rolling along so far this summer.

I'm working on some more lessons videos
and will post a few Ive done over the past few weeks.
Not a lot of commentating,just an exercise at varying tempos.
I have some transcriptions available if you need them upon request.
I tried to keep this process simple.
Just give you an idea,and show you how it sounds and looks from slow to fast,then back down (Largo-Presto-Largo),or 
If you have any thoughts on the process,just drop me a line.

Also some shows are coming together for the fall with The Shannon Curfman band.
Beat Cancer Pittsburgh
I'll keep the show page updated as they roll in.

Hopefully I'll have some new gear to bring out on this small tour of the Midwest.
I've been looking into a few new kits.
I will for sure have a few new snare drums to try out on you!

Have a great summer!
Rock on.

Waiting for spring........(?) 

Hey everyone.


I'm waiting for spring in Minneapolis,as I"m sure a lot of people are.
Here are a few updates:


I have left The Cannon's North project,
and I will still catch a show when I'm in town.
They are currently looking for a few replacement members.
They will be missed,and I look forward to the release of the new album.

Rockin on Kid Rock's "Chillin With The Most Cruise"
with the Shannon Curfman Band was a success!
We had 3 great nights of performance.
I met some great people,played with some amazing musicians
and was able to have a great adventure sight seeing in the process.
Their are some future cruise's in the works for later this year.

I am trying to revive my camera to post some new pics from the trip.
I think the salt water may have been too much though.
Hopefully I can get something up on the media page.

I am also working on new material with The Rennegades,
to finish up the new full length album.
Their will be a music showcase in Minneapolis some time this summer,
with some tour dates as well.

I am also working with a local Minneapolis company to provide entertainers for their events,
so I will be busy traveling and helping them have great musical events.

I have been spending more time with the drums as of late on a more personal level.
I'm currently working on new techniques and polyrhythms.
More fluent four way coordination,and solo improve is also a goal for the summer.
Its time well spent,on something I love to do.
I will never perfect my art,
but the journey sure is a great way to spend my time!

More updates to follow.
Thank you for your support!

#BeMyBand Finals 

Hey everyone,
I'm excited to announce my spot in the finals!
Orianthi's creative invite on talenthouse.com
has given me a great opportunity to perform with her live in LA on February 14 2014.
I'm working on a track and a final video submission,
and will be submitting it tonight (2/2/13).
I'll have some updates as soon as I know if I made the final cut.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far.
Here are the show details:
The Troubadour 

I need your support!!! 

I'm in need of your assistance.
The legendary guitar player Orianthi is trying to put together a new band,
and I want in!
you can check out all the details here:

There are only a couple days of voting,
so if ya have a spare moment...........
Thanxs in advance!

Vote here

Happy Holidaze! 

Hey everyone,
I hope your having a safe and happy holiday!

I have only one more show this year,
and thats with CANNONS NORTH  in Minneapolis.
Check out the show page for more info,

2014 is bringing me back into the studio with
Cannon's North for our follow up to "Goodbye Dog".
We will be working with Adam Tucker @ SIGNATURETONE STUDIOS once again (my fav drum room of all time!!!).
A release date set for sometime early spring.

I will be finishing up the final few songs w/ THE RENNEGADES at Tucker's studio early 2014.
A release date yet to be determined,with a CD release show in Minneapolis.

If you are in the Fargo/Moorhead area on February 8th,
I will be in town Rockin the Doublewood Inn and Convention Center w/ SHANNON CURFMAN.

Voting starts January 25th on TALENTHOUSE,
so come show some support as I have the chance to hit the stage w/ ORIANTHI in LA!!!.

Some big things planned for 2014
and many changes are on the horizon.

I'll keep ya updated  when I can,
and put up some more pics/vids/lessons.

Thanxs for your support!

Have a Happy New Year!


Time For Some Rock! 

 Hey everyone,
I'm excited about my latest recording project!
I'm back in Signaturetone Studio's- Minneapolis,
once again with Adam Tucker and The Rennegades.
This music has been 5 years in the making,
and has some very talented musicians in the group.
Its been a long process to get to this point,
but its worth the wait!
Currently we are tracking 4 songs,
with the drums and bass completed.
The rough mix's already sound fantastic,thanxs to Adam.
Their will be a brand new website,photo's/vids t-shirts
and all the random cool rock stuff you would expect.
We are gonna do a short set in Eagle River Wisconsin on August 24
to open up Rock The Rivers Festival.
You can get info here:


We should have some music ready to check out soon,
and some dates to put out the new release.
Check back often for more updates!
See ya,

My secret................. 

Hey everyone,
I'm SUPER excited to reveal my latest project!
I have many details yet to sort out,
and so much left to work on.
As soon as I can can relay the info,
you will be the first to know!
This one's gonna ROCK!
Talk to ya soon................
(Its really a hint about project............)